Prime Minister of New Zealand Reveals She’s Leaving Position

Prime Minister of New Zealand Suddenly Announces Departure

( – Born in Hamilton, New Zealand, in the summer of 1980, Jacinda Ardern became the leader of her country’s Labour Party in the late fall of 2017. Two months later, New Zealanders elected the politician into the position of Prime Minister at the age of just 37. She was the youngest person to hold the seat in over 150 years. In late 2022, there were rumors saying Ardern was planning to step down, but The Guardian reported she quickly dispelled the speculation. However, the PM has since changed her tune.

On January 19, a New Zealand news outlet, RNZ, reported that Prime Minister Ardern announced during a Labour Party caucus meeting that she was resigning from her position as PM and as leader of the party. According to reports, the declaration came as a shock to many. Kieran McAnulty, a fellow politician and member of Ardern’s party, cursed when he heard the news.

The prime minister said during the meeting that she simply didn’t have “enough in the tank” to keep going, although she hailed her time as PM, saying the job was “fulfilling.” Her term ends in early February.

During her time as leader, she’s had to deal with many challenges, including a terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption, and other controversies. Ardern said she’d hoped to find a way to continue on as prime minister, but she just couldn’t. The PM noted her reasoning for stepping down had nothing to do with any recent threats against her or the fact that she was not favored for re-election.

After leaving office, Ardern, who gave birth to a daughter while leading the country, said she was going to spend more time with her family. She even indicated she might get married to her partner, Clarke Gayford. The politician seemed to be looking forward to living a more normal life out of the limelight.

Chris Hipkins, the current education minister, is expected to take Ardern’s place.

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