Pregnant Woman Defends Husband from Violent Attacker

( – A married couple successfully defended themselves against an unprovoked attack on June 27th outside a gas station in Houston, Texas. The couple, who have asked to remain anonymous in order to protect themselves from potential reprisals, made full use of their right to carry firearms when they were threatened by two armed men outside the gas station store.

The nine-months-pregnant woman had driven to the gas station in order to bring some food to her husband, who works there. As she pulled up and left her vehicle, she says she was approached by a man from a nearby silver car. He was carrying a rifle and spoke to her aggressively, telling her that she had startled him. She called to her husband for help, who came to her aid and managed to get the man to retreat. As he backed off, however, his accomplice, Mario Duque began to escalate the situation.

Duque threatened the couple, asking them repeatedly if they wanted to die, despite the pair doing their best to ignore him. Surveillance footage shows Duque, 39, assaulting the man by “pistol-whipping” him. At this point, the man’s wife retrieved a handgun from her bag and shot her husband’s attacker. The husband was also armed and was able to recover enough from his assault to shoot Duque as well.

The couple held Duque at gunpoint until the police arrived. Duque, a convicted felon who was not permitted to carry a weapon, was treated at the scene for his injuries before being taken to the hospital for further treatment. The married couple was detained, and their weapons were taken by police at first, but the authorities quickly ascertained that they had acted in self-defense. Duque has been charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The man who was with him has not yet been found after fleeing the scene.

The married parents-to-be have expressed their relief at having both been armed that day.

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