Police Make Arrest in 1996 Slaying of Tupac Shakur

(VitalNews.org) – The infamous murder case of rapper Tupac Shakur is one step closer to being solved after 27 years following the rest of a man charged with murder this week in connection to the 1996 killing.

Duane “Kaffe D” Davis was arrested on September 29. Although he isn’t accused of directly gunning down Shakur, he’s long been on suspect lists and prosecutors describe him as the “ringleader” of the group who put the shooter up to it.

In 2018, Davis revealed he had cancer after which he admitted to being in the car and having a role in the killing. He didn’t name other suspects but confirmed that his nephew, Orlando Anderson, was the shooter. David claimed Shakur’s killing was in retaliation for a previous incident, as well as to collect a $1 million bounty from rapper Puff Daddy, who disputes this claim.

Lt. Jason Johansson, head of homicide for the Las Vegas Police Department, told AP News that Davis “was the shot caller” for a group who committed the crime. According to Johansson, Davis “orchestrated the plan” to kill Shakur.

The drive-by shooting took place in Las Vegas after Shakur left a boxing match, six months before the slaying of Notorious B.I.G. and at a time when the subgenre of gangsta rap began to grow in popularity in the 90s. Shakur suffered four bullet wounds and died a few days later in the hospital. His music and his death left a huge cultural impact on America, and many of today’s popular rap artists cite Shakur as a primary influence. The New York Times said Shakur’s murder “became a defining tragedy” of hip-hop music.

Davis is the only living suspect remaining in the case. In his memoir, he claims that he is one of only two people alive who witnessed Shakur’s killing. Johansson said during a press conference that “countless interviews” have been conducted over the last five years, and many facts were “corroborated” to charge Davis.

Davis was indicted by a Clark County grand jury for a single charge of murder with a deadly weapon as a member of a criminal gang. He’s due back in court where the added gang charge will be voted on this week, which would add up to 20 extra years if convicted.

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