‘Peter Pan’ Remake Accused of Racism Despite Switching to Non-White Actors

(VitalNews.org) – Disney is finding out the hard way that appeasement of today’s woke warriors is never enough, as despite reworking the famous children’s tale using non-white actors and including girls in the cast of the “Lost Boys”, the remake of the movie has been slated by CNN as “perpetuating colonial stereotypes” and “racist tropes”.

Noah Berlatsky, a Chicago-based writer for CNN, says that the classic story remains popular due to the combination of “colonialist tropes” and ideas about the carefree nature of childhood. According to Berlatsky, switching to non-white actors isn’t enough to address these core issues.

The current Disney film features a mixed-race actor playing the role of Peter, an indigenous actress playing the role of Tiger Lily, and a black actress playing Tinkerbell; however, Berlatsky says that “by making (white) Wendy the hero, the film becomes a story of yet another white protagonist saving, educating, and elevating irresponsible and colonized people.”

“The childlike innocence of Peter Pan and Wendy is illustrated – at least in part – by creating a racism-packed analogy which exploits supposedly less-developed indigenous communities.” 

The argument that racism and colonialism are baked into stories such as Peter Pan has been met with derision in some quarters. One Twitter user wrote: “When we originally read stories or watched movies about Peter Pan, nobody thought about colonialism or racism. It’s only the politically correct “woke-sters” who see racism in everything.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “These race-grifters are not honest or sincere. They create perpetual grievances and offer no solutions. They should take their faux outrage and manufactured indignation and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.” 

Following a number of woke flops, such as the Pixar / Toy Story spin-off “Lightyear” which features a lesbian kiss, and the animated environmentalist movie Strange World which features a gay teen protagonist, Disney has seen its stock fall by over 44 percent in 2022 and profits plummet to near-record lows.

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