Passengers Speak Out to U.S. Government About Air Travel

( – The number of consumer complaints about air travel last year rose immensely, proving that air travel is getting worse and worse for passengers. The Department of Transportation said that it received almost one hundred thousand complaints last year, which is eighty thousand percent more than the year before.

This is the largest number of complaints they’ve seen since 2020, when flights were continuing to get delayed and canceled from the COVID Pandemic.

There were less canceled flights throughout last year compared to the year before, according to FlightAware data, but delays seemed to still be an issue for many passengers trying to travel by air. More than two-thirds of the complaints were specifically towards U.S Airlines and one-third of these complaints were about foreign airlines.

Many of the complaints were regarding discrimination – mainly about race or national origin – and treating people with disabilities.

Some of the complaints, that weren’t about the topics already mentioned, were mostly about tour operators and travel agents. They also looked into complaints put in by people who didn’t know how to or didn’t want to bother the government with their issue.

The Transportation Department is revising the way that they accept complaints, which they say will help them oversee the entire airport industry better. However, they don’t release complaint numbers and information until months later, which can cause problems in solving these issues.

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