Overwhelmed Arizona Border Begins Street Releases

(VitalNews.org) – The southern border of Arizona is feeling the impact of the migrant crisis more than anywhere in the country right now. Not only is the Tucson sector now the most dangerous place to cross into the United States, but facilities are also now overcrowded and Border Patrol agents were just permitted to release border crossers onto the streets of Arizona to deal with the pressure.

The Tucson sector has seen over 7,000 illegal border crossings every day for three consecutive days last week, forcing agents to release some migrants onto the streets because shelters are packed to capacity. A retired Field Office Director for Ice, John Fabbricatore, captured some photographs in Ajo, Arizona that show some migrants in outdoor facilities. And not all of the migrants are from South and Central America. Some are from Africa and flew to those regions to try and cross into the US.

Last Tuesday, over 7,400 illegal crossers were apprehended at the border and held above that number for three consecutive days. Over 230,000 encounters were seen in the Tucson section in August, the sixth month in the 2023 fiscal year to exceed 200,000. After a quick spike in May following the ending of Title 42, the number dipped in June to 140,000 but began to rise again in July.

The border sector in Arizona has turned into one of the most seriously impacted places in the country, and now that holding facilities are at capacity, the Biden administration is permitting illegal crossers to go free.

Republicans in the House and Senate back in Washington are continuing to push back against President Joe Biden and his administration, who many blame for the crisis for rolling back stricter policies from former President Donald Trump’s administration.

The Biden administration ran for office on promises of prosperity for all who are seeking asylum. And states like New York proclaimed themselves “sanctuaries” only to find there are serious consequences for an open-door policy, which is something Arizona and Texas know more than any of the other states.

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