Over 8,000 Schools at Risk for Measles?!

(VitalNews.org) – The increase in controversy over vaccinations has caused a huge problem for many parents who have kids who attend school. School is the one place where diseases spread rapidly and many students are now at risk for Measles due to the decrease in vaccinations across the country.

Jessica Fichtel is a parent who has been very concerned with the fact that her neighbors have decided not to vaccinate their kids. Her 6-year-old son, Kai, was diagnosed with Leukemia and was getting chemotherapy when the Measles outbreak happened in Washington in 2019. Jessica spoke out saying, “His life would be in grave danger if he had been exposed to measles and contracted it.”

During the Measles outbreak in 2019, it spread so rapidly and reached over 71 cases in just four months. The CDC claims that 95% of children should be vaccinated in order for them to be at a safe threshold and at this time, in 2019 during the outbreak, only 74% of children were vaccinated.

Fichtel spoke out saying that she knew of multiple families that didn’t get their kids vaccinated for the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine. She even said that these kids did play with her son and exposed him to it as he wasn’t allowed to get vaccinated due to his compromised immune system.

Data has been shown after concerns were raised by many parents, and it seems that the concerns are valid. According to data, there are over 8,500 schools where the Measles vaccination is below that 95% threshold, and the CDC says that having this percentage above 95% is “crucial for protecting the community from measles.”

These findings were concerning for many different reasons and we’ve already seen Measles break out in a couple of states like Ohio and Philadelphia.

Matt Ferrari, who is a biologist and infectious disease researcher at Penn State University spoke out saying, “I think it’s concerning to me as a human being. It also has a population-level consequence. The more individuals that are around who are unvaccinated, the more potential there is for disease to spread and to establish transmission that will give rise to outbreaks that will stick around for a long time.”

It’s clear that the choice for parents to avoid getting their children vaccinated could result in dangerous consequences. Ferrari continued saying, “Herd immunity, simply put, is just the indirect protection to a non-vaccinated person of being surrounded by vaccinated people. Those vaccinated people act like a shield.”

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