Other Countries Join in On Deportation Flights to Venezuela

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(VitalNews.org) – The Biden Administration previously came up with a deportation plan to increase border control, where migrants would be deported via plane to Venezuela. Since this was put into place, there has been a decrease in migrant encounters and better control over the borders but the recent issues with the Southern border have made things more difficult.

The Biden Administration claims that the flights are a huge part of this plan and an essential piece to keeping things under control, so they asked for the deportation flights to be increased. This was a response to the recent problems surrounding the Southern Border, after a record month in December of more than 300,000 encounters.

With this, another country has also stepped up to start the same process of deportations to contribute to border control. Mexico has begun flights to Venezuela following behind the United States and the US commends them for this act. Many important administration leaders spoke in a meeting on Tuesday about how grateful they are that Mexico has started flights to Venezuela recently.

“We’ve seen Mexico step up in terms of taking actions, and so that’s been greatly appreciated,” one of the officials said regarding Mexico’s border control operations.

With Mexico decongesting the borders, it will allow for other ports to open such as those in Eagle Pass, TX, and Lukeville, AZ.

Programs and protocols like these will help to control migrant encounters after a record-breaking year in 2023 of over 2.4 million encounters. Many officials and state representatives are looking for action from the Biden Administration for funding and federal help controlling the number of migrants flooding into their cities.

To continue the fight for border control, the Administration has been speaking to Congress about more funding which would include a $14 million budget for the borders. We can expect to see more flights as this has been deemed a huge part of their operation and a functional piece for it to make a difference as they search for control after a heavy migrant encounter month and year.

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