OpenAI CEO Seeking Trillions for AI Chip

( – Sam Altman, who is the CEO of OpenAI, is looking to make a deal with investors to get funding for large-scale AI ideas such as an AI chip as he looks to advance artificial intelligence even more.

Sam Altman has looked for support from many investors including the United Arab Emirates government. This big plan of his could cost around $7 trillion and includes building multiple chip foundries that would be run by existing chip makers such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Altman plans to get funding that would help eliminate some of the issues that AI is currently running into, that being the scarcity of AI chips. However, many investors are describing the amount of money it’ll take for this project as “outlandishly large by the standards of corporate fundraising.”

Altman has held meetings with many different officials and investors in order to pitch his idea and get funding for it. He has reportedly spoken to UAE officials, TSMC executives, US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and Masayoshi Son, who is SoftBank’s chief executive. However, we are not sure what kind of progress he’s made with asking investors, but we do know that many have stated the amount of funding he will need is abundant.

Sam Altman has spoken out saying that he has big plans for AI and he has “productive discussions about increasing global infrastructure and supply chains.”

Sam Altman is a recognizable face in the world of AI after founding OpenAI, which was one of the largest AI platforms to be introduced. Despite being fired from the startup he co-founded, protests brought him back on and he has since been in the media pushing towards a more advanced future for AI technology.

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