Officials Believe Mexican Cartel Members Were Spotted at Border

( – Three armed men believed to be cartel members were spotted last weekend crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas.

Images from the sighting were shared by Fox News, which depict three gunmen suspected to be members of a Mexican drug cartel. One of the gunmen is decked out in body armor. The three men were spotted brandishing rifles in South Texas near Fronton, crossing the border onto U.S. soil.

When Border Patrol went to investigate the site, they could not locate the three men.

A similar incident occurred in the same area in June, but resulted in five suspected cartel members being arrested after crossing the border wearing tactical gear and carrying rifles. And less than a week ago, a drone piloted by Texas Rangers for a patrol flight spotted an armed man guiding a group of migrants near the Eagle Pass into and across the Rio Grande, an international border between Mexico and the US. Before the man could be apprehended, he made it back across.

Due to a lack of success from the federal government, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is taking things into his own hands with Operation Lone Star, a multifaceted plan by the Texas government to control the border and reduce the flow of migrants. One of the measures taken as part of the operation was the installation of a barrier of buoys with a next extending 1,000 into the Rio Grande to deter crossing attempts by migrants and smugglers.

President Joe Biden’s administration sued Texas last month over the floating barrier, claiming it’s dangerous to the environment and trying to made Abbott remove it from the river.

Despite the pushback, Abbott’s plan seems to be improving the situation. One success of the operation was the seizure of over 422 million lethal doses of fentanyl being smuggled over the border as of last month.

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