NYC Plans To Test Gun Scanners in Subway Systems

( – New York City has just announced a new plan to implement more gun safety, especially when it comes to their subway systems. They have announced that they will be testing gun scanners in the subway system because of an increase in transit crimes.

New York has placed many National Guardsmen into the subway system over the last few weeks to help combat some of the high-profile crimes they’ve been seeing in the transit system.

“We are taking the next step forward in our ongoing efforts to make our subways even safer and ensure that New Yorkers feel safer in the transit system,” Mayor Eric Adams said. The technology can’t be implemented for a few months because of the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act; they will need to wait at least ninety days before it can be implemented.

While they wait, authorities will be looking at different weapon detection technology. The technology will be put in stations of the MTA “where the NYPD will be able to further evaluate the equipment’s effectiveness,” according to the Mayor’s Office.

He goes on to say that although the state has seen the trend for crime going downward they are dealing with a rise in transit crime now, and the high-profile incidents are becoming a problem for those who ride the subway frequently.

According to Adams, the technology uses a body scanner which is typically used to identify places where a weapon might be present. He also said no facial recognition or biometrics is included, and riders can opt to get off the subway if they don’t want to go through it. If the scanner flagged someone they would be searched only in the flagged area of the body.

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