Nvidia Announces Brand New AI Chips Amid Increasing Competition

(VitalNews.org) – Nvidia just revealed their newest generation of artificial intelligence chips. Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, announced the artificial intelligence chips, which they called “Rubin.”

Nvidia said that they plan to release one chip model per year in a cadence that would support the growing market. The artificial intelligence chip market is intensifying, and the major competitors to Nvidia are AMD and Intel. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are all creating their own artificial intelligence chip options in competition with Nvidia as well.

Many other startups have shown interest in artificial intelligence and creating their own chip. The market for AI and the advancement in technology is becoming a huge market and with so many companies diving into AI, the chips are high in demand.

Said Huang on Sunday, “Today, we’re at the cusp of a major shift in computing.” He continued, “With our innovations in AI and accelerated computing, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving the next wave of technological advancement.”

The Rubin chip will have new GPUs and it will come with new features like a central processor called “vera.” They didn’t provide any specific details on the new chip but they did tell us a bit about what to expect with it.

Shares in Nvidia’s business have dropped and been relatively flat with their shares being priced at just over one thousand dollars. With the increase in the production of new chips that they expect to release this year and in the coming years, we may see the shares jump back up in value.

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