News Editor Weaponizes Pearl Harbor

( – Many US news outlets acknowledge the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor each year on its anniversary, December 9. One news editor decided not to write about it on December 9, but did write a piece about a consequent letter of complaint he received which highlighted this absence.

Chris Quinn, editor for The Plain Dealer, an outlet based in Cleveland, Ohio, directed his attention to a single-line missive in which an anonymous reader expressed his or her disappointment at the lack of a piece on Pearl Harbor, called the newspaper “woke”, and claimed not to be surprised that circulation was down.

Quinn quoted the complaint in full in his ensuing rebuttal, and while he noted its brevity and lack of detail, particularly its lack of detail about the author, he asserted that the writer must be a supporter of former President Donald Trump, and used this to fuel more than 1,000 words of an opinion piece in which he warns of what he proclaims to be the danger of Donald Trump winning another election and transforming himself into a dictator.

Quinn, who has a degree in journalism as well as four decades of experience in the industry, claimed that because this anonymous email was similar in “tone” and “approach” to other emails he has received from apparent Trump supporters, he was almost absolutely certain that the writer was a fan of Trump. He also expressed his certainty that Trump “openly espouses becoming a dictator”, despite making no moves to do so when he actually sat in the White House.

The Cleveland editor’s belief that Trump harbors a desire to become a dictator seems to stem from a joke made by the former President while speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News. When Hannity asked Trump if he would abuse power in order to seek revenge on his political enemies, Trump responded that he would never abuse his power, “except for day one” when he would use it to immediately close the border, after which he said he would have no interest in behaving in a dictatorial fashion.

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