Netanyahu Takes Underhanded Jab at US

( – Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to take an underhanded jab at the US this week while claiming he will quickly defeat the radical militant Palestinian group Hamas.

Netanyahu criticized US efforts to defeat the Islamic terrorist organizations al-Qaeda and ISIS over “many years” as he claimed Israel will act much quicker when dealing with Hamas.

The remarks came as Netanyahu dodged inquiries on CNN about whether or not the prime minister would take responsibility for failing to prevent Hamas’ attack on the Jewish state on October 7. Netanyahu’s critics believe one of the reasons the massive coordinated attack that killed 1,400 happened was due to a failure of intelligence within the Israeli government. In response to the attack, Israel has launched a total siege on the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu also appeared on NBC and told “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker on Sunday that it won’t take as long to “destroy Hamas” as it took the US “and the international coalition” to take down al-Qaeda or ISIS. He stated that it took America “many years,” and that he doesn’t think it will “be many years” for Israel to accomplish a similar feat.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that negotiations are underway to secure the release of more hostages held in Gaza. Hamas took about 200 people captive during the attack on Israel last month and brought them over the border into Palestinian territory.

As the war rages on, some US lawmakers are expressing concerns that Israel will reoccupy Gaza after it’s over. Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, said that there should be “no reduction” in the Palestinian territory or a “forcible displacement” of residents in Gaza.

Netanyahu claims the IDF is proceeding “as carefully” as possible while also “as quickly” as possible. He said their goal is to “minimize civilian casualties” and Israeli casualties “while maximizing” casualties among “Hamas terrorists.” He told NBC that Israel had specific “targets” in mind and a plan to defeat Hamas, although did not give a specific deadline.

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