NATO Must Ramp Up Defense Spending?!

Poland President Warns NATO?!

( – The Polish President, Andrzej Duda, said that NATO should up their defense spending. Duda spoke on this insinuating that NATO needs to ensure they are not the next target for Russia once the war is over with Ukraine.

He said that there should be preparations in place and that defense spending should be increased as Russia has warned that they are ready to target another country within the next few years. He also said research shows that President Putin is doubling down on Russia’s military funding. This also follows after Danish intelligence reports said that Russia expects to plan an attack on NATO within the next few years.

“We have two or three years in which we can increase our efforts, stockpile ammunition, and produce weapons to maximize European security, get ready, and make sure the invasion does not happen,” Duda said.

Poland has been increasing their military spending since the beginning of the war in Ukraine as they’ve been supplying weapons to Kyiv. With this said, Duda has asked President Joe Biden in a recent meeting to increase the military spending target.

Officials have teamed up to discuss the best plan of action for NATO to avoid any future conflicts. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said that the United States holding off on an aid package to Ukraine was causing problems and could be helping Putin’s side. However, Duda said that any dollar to Ukraine is helping to push off a Russian victory.

According to Duda, “This Russian aggression has to be stopped at all costs. If it’s not stopped it will spill over and then, I fear U.S. money won’t be enough to stop Russia, U.S. soldiers will have to step in and no one wants that.”

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