Montana AG to Sue Biden Over Gun Order

Montana AG to Sue Biden Over Gun Order

( – President Joe Biden’s recent executive order on guns and background checks appears to be attracting its first legal challenge. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said he will be filing suit against the Biden administration over the order, which he called an example of “draconian gun control measures.”

Biden’s executive order, issued March 14, does several things. First, it ordered the US Attorney General to specifically define what parties are considered to be “engaged in the business” of selling guns. This appears to critics to be an attempt to expand the number of people and businesses that the federal government can force to conduct background checks before selling a gun to them.

Next, the order urges White House Cabinet members to aggressively push the use of “extreme risk protection orders,” known as “red flag laws,” that can be used by police to seize guns from citizens deemed to be in some way unsafe or untrustworthy.

The Biden administration wants to use federal agencies to promote red flag laws, expand background checks, and collect more data on federally licensed gun dealers.

Montana AG Knudsen said it’s just a naked attempt to “steal guns.” Knudsen claims the administration won’t admit their real goal: forcing every American to perform a background check on every private gun sale between individuals. In other words, Knudsen believes the federal government wants to treat private sales from household to household with the exact onerous requirements that it imposes on licensed gun dealers.

Knudsen points out that criminals who want guns find ways around the law to get those guns, so what good would such a law do except to add burdens to law-abiding citizens?

Unsurprisingly, the White House says it’s thinking of the children first. Biden claims his order is meant to protect children, and he wants Congress to go even further by requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases.

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