Mitch McConnell CPAC Rating Slipping

( – The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) has released its current rating of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Stationed at only 56%, McConnell is in the unlucky company of Senators Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney sitting in the same percentage zone. In McConnell’s 38 years in Congress, this is the lowest rating he’s ever received from CPAC.

CPAC releases a review annually compiling and analyzing the voting records of Republican Senators to determine its ratings.

There are some excellent ratings handed out by the committee that reflect the wide gap in the CPAC ratings. McConnell seems to be lagging pretty far behind Rand Paul, also of Kentucky, who has a rating of 100%, along with fellow Republicans Mike Braun of Indiana and Mike Lee of Utah, also proudly sporting their 100% ratings. 

CPAC has many bills that it supports and opposes and each member of the House and Congress is rated based on the votes they make in each of these key bills. According to the report, over 20,000 votes were compiled from all of the 535 Congress members and covered a wide array of policy issues. 

Decisive issues for CPAC are some of the supported measures which included financial aid for Ukraine and blocking vaccine and mask mandates, as well as issues CPAC opposed such as bailing out the Postal Service and nominating Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown.

Matt Schalpp, CPAC Chairman said, “As America is engaged in an internal struggle for her very survival, talk is cheap.”

“Conservatives are the leaders intellectually and organizationally in the pushback against Big corporations, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Unions, and academia, and our ratings help separate the big talkers from the truly courageous,” he said.

Mitch McConnell joined the Senate in 1985 and is currently 81 years old. He recently returned to the Senate floor as the Senate Minority Leader after several weeks recovering from a fall where he fractured a rib and suffered a mild concussion. 

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