Millions in the United States Face Extreme-Heat Threat

( – Millions of Americans are facing a threat of dangerous heat waves within the coming weeks with another summer of record-breaking temperatures forecasted.

The states that are facing the highest chance of a massive heatwave are Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, and Colorado, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The north-east coast also has a high chance of experiencing higher temperatures. The only place that’s expected to see below-average temperatures is southern Alaska.

The principal climate scientist for the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Climate and Energy program, Kristy Dahl, said, “We can expect another dangerous hot summer season, with daily records already being broken in parts of Texas and Florida.”

“As we warm the planet, we are going to see climate disasters pile up and compound against each other because of the lack of resilience in our infrastructure and government systems.”
Flooding, tornadoes, and record-breaking temperatures have already struck Texas, and it’s the type of behavior that we can expect for many other states.
When the temperatures spiked last month we saw various results, including storms, tornadoes, drought, wildfires, and many other climate effects.
As greenhouse gasses continue to rise, the effect of climate change is going to bring on more changes to the temperature, especially an increase in the average heat in the summertime.
HeatRisk is a new online tool from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that would help provide a seven-day forecast focused on the dangers of extreme heat to help people prepare better for the upcoming rise in temperature.

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