Mike Tyson Calls for Release of Prisoners?!

Mike Tyson Calls on Biden to Release Thousands from Jail

(VitalNews.org) – Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion, has spoken out to Joe Biden encouraging him to release thousands of people who are in jail on cannabis charges.

Mike Tyson pushed Biden to stand behind a commitment he made back in October 2022 to “correct our country’s failed approach to marijuana” by releasing the thousands of inmates in prison who were charged with nonviolent cannabis offenses. According to Tyson, President Biden hasn’t only promised to make change but also “has the power to effect real change – he can right these wrongs and grant clemency to those who are sitting in prison for cannabis offenses.”

Tyson emphasized how this was an opportunity to take the next step in this country, saying, “We know the failed war on drugs was wrong and no one should be sitting in jail for cannabis. It’s time our country moves forward and ends cannabis prohibition once and for all.”

Many people are speaking up about the fact that there are over 2,000 inmates, mostly those of color, who are in prison on cannabis charges, while the legal cannabis market has reached nearly $40 billion annually at this point. Many are looking to have these inmates released from jail because the charges brought against them are now not considered crimes in half of the country, with 24 states legalizing cannabis.

With this being said, there is controversy over just how much control Biden has over these criminals in jail, but Tyson still pleaded with Biden to have the states get on board and release them. Biden has also been accused of misleading voters, saying that he would decriminalize marijuana and work on getting nonviolent cannabis offenders out of jail, but Biden doesn’t necessarily have full control.

According to the US Sentencing Commission, “no offenders sentenced solely for simple possession of marijuana remained in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.” Inmates who have not been released apparently have other charges as well such as drug trafficking, they said.

Mike Tyson has said that the White House will receive a letter that was written by him to push for a change in the justice system and reconcile with communities all over including poor people and people of color who have been criminalized due to cannabis charges.

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