Mike Pence Claims Biden Weakness Led To Hamas Attack

(VitalNews.org) – Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence said last weekend that it would be necessary for Israel to launch a ground invasion of Gaza to eliminate Hamas and blamed President Joe Biden’s weakness and appeasement of Iran for creating the circumstances that led to the October 7 terror attack, The Hill reported.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, the former vice president told host Kristen Welker that it is vital that leaders from both parties show support for Israel after Hamas’ “brutal assault” by speaking with “one voice” so the world knows that “America stands with Israel.”

Pence said the US must stand behind Israel as it prepares to launch a ground invasion, explaining that Israel will have to “hunt down” Hamas and destroy them “once and for all.”

The former vice president told Welker that if he was president, he would send US troops to Gaza to assist Israel in retrieving the hostages.

Pence said “American clarity and leadership” is more important now than before, particularly in light of President Biden’s “two years of appeasement” with Iran.

Pence also hit some members of his party for “signaling retreat” from Ukraine. Singling out presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Pence slammed the longshot candidate for what he described as “sounding the retreat in support of Israel.”

While Pence said he welcomed the release of two of the American hostages taken into Gaza, he blasted the Biden administration for “going hat in hand to Qatar” and then “standing by” as Hamas decides if they will release other hostages.

Pence said as Israel’s “strongest ally” and “leader of the free world,” the United States must “send a message to Hamas” that if they don’t turn over the hostages, they will not just answer to the IDF, they will also “answer to the United States Armed Forces.”

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