Migratory Animals Are in a Heavy DECLINE

(VitalNews.org) – On Monday a United Nations report was released stating that of the migratory species in the world, half are facing a decline.

Migratory species include various birds, sharks, sea turtles, whales, and other migratory animals. These animals typically will travel to different climates as the seasons change to keep their habitats stable, stay in a temperature they are used to, and keep their food supply and health up.

However, it’s been reported that 44% of all migratory species in the world are on a decline. All of these migratory species that are on the decline are at risk of extinction. Kelly Malsch, who was the lead author of the report, said “These are species that move around the globe. They move to feed and breed and also need stopover sites along the way.”

Many have spoken out about the effects of migration and how climate change can affect the process. Stuart Pimm, who is a Duke University Ecologist, said “Migration is essential for some species. If you cut the migration, you’re going to kill the species.”

Those who were involved in the U.N Meeting about these animals that migrate are looking into ways to conserve them and are deciding whether or not to list off every new endangered species that has a threat of being endangered. Activists and officials are joining together to combat climate change and other aspects that may ruin habitats for animals.

The U.N. meeting is expected to hold eight governments from South America to talk about the endangered species of catfish and decide whether or not to add two more species of catfish to the U.N. Treaties’ list of migratory species of concern.

Overall, there has been concern over species and climate change for a while now, so much so that in 2022 at the U.N. Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, Canada governments pledged to protect 30% of our planet’s water and land resources.

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