Microsoft is Now Outsourcing its Best AI Tech

( – Microsoft has just announced that they are handing OpenAI all of the development of its artificial intelligence tools and software.

CEO of Okta, Todd McKinnon, said that Google is “probably doing the best job of actually not having to outsource their R&D.” He continued to say that all of the transformers that power artificial intelligence technologies today “all came from Google.”

Said McKinnon, “This all came from Google, with DeepMind and the research.” He continued, “I mean, the breakthrough was the research from Google, the transformers which are the algorithm that all these LLMs are using to make these big advancements.”

The company has been incorporating OpenAI technology within its own AI software like CoPilot and its computers, which are equipped with artificial intelligence technology.

“Imagine working at Microsoft. OpenAI is over there making all the exciting stuff. It’s almost like Microsoft is going to turn into a consulting company,” McKinnon said.

Google still has far to go to achieve its goal of artificial intelligence advancement and technology. Microsoft has ultimately become the leader when it comes to AI models considering their work with OpenAI, which has raised some concerns with Google and its standing when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Google has had multiple issues arise with artificial intelligence technology, such as the difficulties and controversies that were associated with its Gemini AI chatbot.

Experts have said that there is a need for a giant investment for Google to thrive in the AI world against its competitors.

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