Meta Hit With Major Fines

Meta Hit With Major Fines

( – Ad targeting is a technique businesses use to strategically place advertisements tailored to an individual based on their data and past behaviors. For instance, if someone follows or clicks on a lot of stories about eczema, the algorithm for a platform could use that history to bring about ads for creams, lotions, and the like. Using this method, businesses have a much higher chance of making a sale because they are speaking directly to their target audience. But not everyone is a fan of this method, as it can feel intrusive.

On January 4, regulators in Ireland slapped Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, with fines adding up to 390 million euro, which was the equivalent of about $415.3 million as of January 7. The country’s Data Protection Commission based its decision on two outstanding cases filed in 2018 alleging the company violated online privacy regulations. The total amount was broken into two fines; 210 million euro for Facebook and 180 million euro for Instagram.

The recent fines were only two among six since 2021 in Ireland. According to CBS News, the tech company had to pay four other fines for privacy violations in the amount of over 900 million euros overall. Meta reportedly previously asked users for their permission to access personal data for the purpose of generating targeted ads, but when the European Union changed its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules in the last few years, the company’s approach became a contravention of the new law.

After the ruling, Reuters reported that Meta released a statement saying the company doesn’t believe it violated any regulations and Meta will still use “personalized advertising” on its platforms in the EU. The tech giant plans to appeal the decision and fight the fines.

What do you think about targeted advertising? Are you for it or against it?

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