Megyn Kelly Claims Fox News Is Terrified of What’s Next

( – In the wake of the outspoken commentator Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News, the air has been thick with rumors surrounding not only his departure but also what might happen next. Journalist and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has provided her take on the situation to Newsmax, a rival alternative network that has seen its overall ratings grow by over 100 percent since Carlson left Fox News.

Megyn noted that the prime-time viewing figures for Newsmax were actually up over 200 percent, suggesting that the only reason viewers had been watching Fox News at all was because of Tucker Carlson and that they felt that alternative news networks had a lot more to offer than Fox News, which was now being viewed as “legacy media” – a dinosaur in the world of modern communications.

Fox News recently had to pay $787 million to Dominion, the company that manufactured the voting machines at the last election and which was thought to be instrumental in manipulating the voting figures in favor of President Biden. Megyn said she had evidence in the form of witnesses who said that Dominion had made the firing of Tucker Carlson a condition of the settlement.

Tucker Carlson has since announced that he will be taking to the social media platform Twitter in order to keep in contact with the 3.5 million supporters who appreciate his incisive political analysis and his relentless digging to get at the truth. However, according to Megyn Kelly, Fox News’ PR department is pulling out all the stops to make sure Tucker Carlson can never again be employed by a news network.

“It’s like an orchestrated hit job,” said Megyn. “It’s not enough to have you fired, you have to be utterly destroyed.” She pointed the finger at Irena Briganti, Fox News’ senior vice president of communications, who has a reputation for leaking damaging personal information about former employees to other news networks.

Fox News denies all the allegations.

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