Medical Professor Claims Gender Ideology Starts at Birth

( – Lauren T. Roth, a professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and an “expert” when it comes to transgender medical interventions for children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, has said that parents must implement a program of gender ideology in their families – even before the birth of their first child.

Her philosophy, like so many other “progressive” medical professionals, posits that gender is on a spectrum and that a child’s gender identity sometimes does not match the chromosomes they were born with. She also said that a child can have a non-binary identity or can be genderless.

She criticized parents who put “expectations” on a baby and said that parents must adopt a fluid gender ideology before their baby is born. She went on to claim that babies can develop a gender identity as young as eighteen months old.

Dr. Roth would like to bring standardized training to future pediatricians and is the co-chair of a Special Interest Group for LGBTQIA+ Health and Well-Being. She has also helped to develop a curriculum for Montefiore relating to LGBTQIA+ health.

Montefiore specializes in providing medical interventions for children with gender dysphoria. These include puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, particularly a class of drugs called GnRHa, which continually stimulate the pituitary gland to suppress hormones.

Unfortunately, Dr. Roth is not alone. There is a large and influential group within the medical profession who argue that argue transgender kids obtain better outcomes by stopping the natural biological process of child development. They posit that continuing with puberty that feels “wrong” to them can cause them unnecessary psychological and emotional distress. 

They say that it provides families with time to consider their gender ideology options, and for a child to further explore their gender identity before progressing to permanently life-altering drugs or surgeries. 

However, it is only just becoming apparent that drugs such as GnRHa have serious side effects on bone density, including osteoporosis. Many would argue that it is irresponsible to be experimenting with such drugs on young children.

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