Mayor Arrested By Police At Gunpoint

( – Khalid Kamou, Mayor of South Fulton, Georgia, was arrested after entering a stranger’s house without permission. The homeowner received a notification on his phone early in the morning that someone had been spotted by his security system on his property. The homeowner was in his home at the time and looked outside to see Kamou walking along his driveway to the lake house on his property and entering it. The unnamed Georgia homeowner got into his truck and phoned the police to report the intruder before going to confront him at gunpoint. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the mayor at 6:52 am.

According to the homeowner’s statement, Kamou was belligerent and unrepentant when confronted, demanding to know if the homeowner knew that he was the mayor, before shouting at him, “I’ll wait for my police to get here, and see what happens then.” Kamou told police that he attempted to identify himself to the homeowner and tried to leave, but stayed when the homeowner threatened to shoot him if he did so. He told arresting officers that he knew he was committing trespass by entering somebody else’s property but said that he was only trespassing in order to take a better look at a house he greatly admired and would like to own. He also claimed to have believed the house to have been abandoned.

Described as the first-ever “Black Lives Matter” organizer to be elected to public office, Mayor Kamou was charged with first-degree burglary and criminal trespass but was released on an $11,000 bond. He was ordered to undergo a mental health assessment by authorities and has since been temporarily replaced in his position as South Fulton mayor.

The self-described Christian Socialist took to social media after he was bailed to tell people that he was being “used” by God. He also shared a Bible verse about the righteous suffering of persecution. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.