Marshall Wants to Declare Migrant Crisis an Invasion

( – In a bold move, Republican Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas is planning to introduce a new resolution officially declaring the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border to be an “invasion.”

As the crisis at the border continues and illegal crossers reach record-high numbers under President Joe Biden and his administration, Marshall is calling for a more serious pushback. The senator said that since Biden “won’t put a stop” to the “historic crisis,” which he says meets the definition of an invasion according to the US Constitution, then “Congress must recognize” the right of each state “to secure” their own borders.

Marshall’s resolution would officially designate the influx of migrants as an “invasion” according to the Constitution, which allows individual states to defend themselves in such a situation. Marshall said that “over 6 million migrants” have some over the US-Mexico border “under Joe Biden’s watch,” which is “more than double the population” of his home state of Kansas.

It’s unlikely that the resolution will pass the Senate, which is still controlled by Democrats, but it would still trigger the specific language used in the text of the Constitution allowing each state to take independent action to defend against “invaders.” The section cited by Marshall is Article 1, Section 10, which grants flexibility to state government officials to defend from invasions. If an invasion is declared, Section 4 could also be triggered, which would force the federal government to “protect each [state] against invasion.”

Marshall’s point on the Constitution may be the way toward victory for Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott. Texas was sued by the Department of Justice for taking measures into its own hands by installing a buoy barrier in the Rio Grande River to halt crossings. The federal government now wants the barrier removed, claiming it’s destructive to the environment and risks souring diplomatic relations with Mexico.

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