Manhattan DA Says Trump Made Up Arrest Story

Manhattan DA Says Trump Made Up Arrest Story

( – The Manhattan District Attorney, bent on prosecuting former President Donald Trump, sent a letter to several House Republican committee chairmen, rebuking them for what he says is improper Congressional intrusion into a local justice system affair.

DA Alvin Bragg’s office sent the letter to three top Republicans from different House committees. Each of these committees has asked Bragg’s office for more information on its attempts to prosecute Trump for allegedly violating campaign finance laws in 2016. DA Bragg’s legal theory, described by top court watchers and lawyers as dubious, suggests that hush money Trump supposedly paid Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged extramarital affair between the two in 2006.

The Republican chairmen investigating the issue are Jim Jordan of Ohio, head of the Judiciary Committee; Bryan Steil of Wisconsin, chairman of the Administration Committee; and Kentucky’s James Comer, chairman of the Oversight and Accountability Committee.

Bragg’s letter said the investigation into Trump is “one of thousands conducted” by the office and that DA Bragg will release the results of his investigation publicly. But the letters sent by the committee chairs constituted “an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution,” the letter said.

Bragg’s office continued, stating that the Republicans only sent their inquiries to his office after Trump “created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day,” and only after Trump’s lawyers asked the chairmen to intervene.

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump used his social media platform, Truth Social, to claim that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office planned to arrest him on March 21. Bragg’s office says that is not true.

But the ongoing investigation into Trump has drawn the interest of Republican lawmakers who believe that political vendettas, not the pursuit of justice, are driving the DA’s office.

Jim Jordan has said he believes Bragg changed his mind about arresting Trump only after Trump made his claims.

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