Man Posts Bail, Then Leads Police on a High-Speed Chase

( – A Florida man released on bail in the early hours of Monday, July 24, found himself back behind bars that same day. Juan Barreneche, 37, was arrested on the previous Sunday night for trespassing in a hotel but was able to secure his release by posting a $1000 bail at 4 am the following morning. According to police, just hours after leaving the Morgan County Detention Center, Colorado, Barreneche accosted an employee of the Fort Morgan Fieldhouse and demanded a ride in his pickup truck. When the recreational center employee refused this demand, Barreneche allegedly assaulted him and forcefully took the keys to his truck.

Despite the assault, the employee was able to climb into the bed of the truck as Barreneche drove away, phoning 911 with his cell phone as he did so. The police responded to the call and followed Barreneche as he attempted to outrun them by driving at speeds of up to 108 miles per hour, all while the truck owner remained in the truck bed. Police resorted to using stop sticks in order to deflate the truck tires and bring the chase to a halt somewhere between Yuma and Otis, without the truck owner being seriously injured.

Police were able to arrest Barreneche and return him to Morgan County jail, this time without the option of bail. As well as facing his previous trespass charge, Barraneche now faces a further 6 charges: third-degree assault; aggravated motor vehicle theft; reckless driving; reckless endangerment; robbery; and criminal trespass. No charge of kidnapping has been applied as it is currently unclear whether he knew that the vehicle’s owner was in the truck’s flatbed at the time of his high-speed chase.

Police chief Loren Sharp told the Denver Post that it is always frustrating to see someone with repeated dealings with police released so quickly on bail, just to commit a crime and endanger other people so soon after. Barraneche will now have to wait for his court appearance without any offer of bail.

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