Man Dies In Effort To Hide From Police

( – The body of 34-year-old Brandon Lee Buschman was discovered in a freezer in Biwabik, Minnesota, on June 26th after he fled from police at an unspecified time in the past. Although local authorities are still trying to create an accurate picture of the events leading up to his death, after interviewing several people who were familiar with the wanted man, they believe that he was attempting to hide from nearby police.

Buschman was last seen alive in the upstairs section of the house where he was later discovered, running downstairs in an attempt to evade potential arrest. Although police have confirmed that there was an active warrant for his arrest, they have not revealed what the warrant was for. The house had been officially unoccupied since February 2023, according to a police statement to the press, at which date the house was foreclosed.

Prior to that date, police suspect that the house had been subject to some form of occupation despite all utilities being shut off from the property since April 2022. Investigators are still trying to confirm exactly when Buschman entered the chest freezer which had been abandoned in the house’s basement and say that he could have been there for some time.

While the police are waiting for a toxicology report to be returned, they have not found any signs that the man suffered any trauma before entering the freezer. It seems likely that he chose to climb into the appliance, which had an external locking mechanism, of his own accord, possibly in an effort to evade police detection. While examining the scene, investigators recovered a metal rod from a lawn ornament, which had been pushed from the inside of the freezer towards the external latch. The rod would have been unable to manipulate the latch from its position, as it had become wedged between the freezer’s manufactured edge and its gasket, rendering it useless in any escape attempt.

Police are still investigating the man’s death but have stated that they do not suspect foul play.

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