Man Charged with Sending Death Threats to Member of Congress

( – Michael Shapiro, a 72-year-old from Florida, apparently called a member of Congress from the Washington D.C. office five different times on December 19. All 5 times he left threatening messages on their phone threatening to “come and kill” the person’s children.

Shapiro allegedly has done this before and even pleaded guilty in 2019 to making threats to members of Congress, so we can say this is a recurring problem for him.

Shapiro was heard on messages saying “Hey mother- *expletive*, you *expletive* a Chinese spy. You mother *expletive*, I’m gonna come after you and kill you *expletive*,” he said. He then left another message where he said, “I’m gonna kill your children.”

The identity of the Congress representative was not immediately released, however, it’s been said that the Congress member was Eric Swalwell.

Eric Swalwell spoke out after the incident saying, “There is no place in America for threats of political violence. We must always resolve our differences at the ballot box. While I will continue to protect my family and staff these continued threats will never stop me from representing my constituents.”

Swalwell continued with a post on X which said, “MAGA Republicans have chosen violence over voting and this is what it looks like. But I’m not going away and neither should you.”

Death threats and threats in general to Congress members and other officials have become popular things over the past few months and years. Previous Congress members have dealt with death threats and have even been a part of legal cases because of it.

Shapiro appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday according to records.

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