Man Accused of Driving Woman, Children Off Cliff on Purpose

Father Accused of Driving Family Off Cliff on Purpose

( – Just outside of San Francisco on January 2, a woman, a man, and two children careened off the side of a cliff near Devil’s Slide and crashed onto a rock formation down below. According to reports, their Tesla tumbled over 250 feet, likely flipping in the air before landing right side up. Shockingly, all four passengers survived the ordeal that many thought at first was an accident.

After the accident, a witness called emergency services, which arrived on the scene and set up a system of ropes to lower down crews for the rescue. First, firefighters had to cut into the vehicle before removing the children and getting them to safety. Then, they tended to the adults who were hurt but suffered no life-threatening injuries. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter that the kids were not harmed in the crash. However, some news outlets have reported that the children sustained mid-range injuries.

The stretch of road at the scene of the accident apparently doesn’t have a guardrail, making the spot a bit more treacherous. In fact, crashes there don’t usually have a happy ending. After an initial examination of the vehicle’s operating mode and road conditions, investigators began gathering evidence to make their case as it became clear the tragic wreck may not have been accidental.

Shortly after the crash, it was revealed that investigators suspect the incident was no mere accident but possibly an orchestrated event. January 3, AP News reported that California Highway Patrol announced the arrest of Dharmesh A. Patel for attempted murder and child abuse. Authorities are confident that he acted deliberately.

Authorities have yet to reveal any specific details about why they believe Mr. Patel tried to kill himself and his family. But investigators reportedly found enough evidence to indicate intent and justify his arrest.

According to CBS, police records from Pasadena do not reflect any prior calls to the family’s residence for violence. Whether or not Children and Family Services were involved remains unclear. A representative from the department declined to comment, citing state law.

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