Los Angeles Times is Expected to Lay Off Many Workers

El Segundo, California, USA - July 5, 2022: The Los Angeles Times sign on its headquarters building in El Segundo, CA. The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper that started publishing in 1881.

(VitalNews.org) – The Los Angeles Times is expecting to lay off a “significant number” of workers. This is yet another company that we’ve seen with massive amounts of layoffs for many different reasons including limited marketing and advertising revenue.

The LA Times Guild is planning a one-day walkout in order to protest the incoming layoffs. “The management of the Los Angeles Times has announced that it intends to imminently lay off a significant number of journalists, and is asking the Guild to gut seniority protections in our union contract so they have vastly more freedom to pick whom to lay off,” said a statement put out by the Guild.

The exact number of layoffs is not known at the moment, but it’s said to affect at least 100 journalists, which is about 20% of the staff there.

The newspaper’s executive editor, Kevin Merida, recently stepped down from his current position that he’s been in for two years now, saying that he is going to be doing “considerable soul-searching about my career”.

A lot of media organizations and newspaper companies are cutting positions and downscaling as they navigate how to move towards digital media or compete with digital media. Many companies don’t see much fit for many different journalists under their company name.

Along with the Los Angeles Times, we’ve seen many other newspaper companies go the same route or something similar. In October of 2023, the Washington Post said that it would offer voluntary buyouts. Los Angeles Times also scrapped over 70 positions last June as well.

In total in the United States, there have been 17,436 job cuts in the media industry, which is the highest number reported thus far. This trend can be seen continuing as businesses are changing, media is becoming more digital, and everything is pushing toward a different direction overall causing a need for adjustments.

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