Liberals Call Misgendering An “Act Of Violence”

( – The hard-left push to characterize free speech as an assault is in effect at the University of Colorado Boulder, which has declared that “misgendering” another person is an “act of violence.”

The term “misgendering” is widely used by progressive leftists when they notice anyone failing to use the preferred pronouns of a person who claims to be transgender or any of the new genders so often created. 

At CU Boulder, it is the “Pride Office” that has declared misgendering to be “an act of violence.” The office’s page on the university site claims that deliberately ignoring or refusing to use the pronouns another person insists on is not just disrespectful, but actually violent

The statement, which the site says was created by students, advises readers to “respect [the] identity” of other people by complying with the words that person wants others to use. People cannot “assume someone’s gender,” the statement says, and those who don’t present themselves in a way that conflicts with the ordinary pronouns others would assume are experiencing a “privilege.”

In other words, men and women who look like men and women have a special privilege denied to others.

But CU Boulder’s Pride Office wants students and staff to go further; it is not enough to merely use the pronouns requested by other people. Instead, the page advises every person to introduce him or herself “with their own pronouns” so that other people won’t make assumptions. 

Constitutional law expert Johnathan Turley says such language wars and claims of violence are now routine for any university or college administrator. He said opposing views are “routinely declared to be violence, which allows activist students and faculty to justify their aggressive behavior. 

CU Boulder is part of the state’s public university system, which includes four campuses. The others are in Denver, Aurora, and Colorado Springs. The Boulder campus has about 31,000 students enrolled. 

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