Leo Hohmann Warns of Dangers of Digital IDs

(VitalNews.org) – Independent journalist Leo Hohmann wrote an article on his blog warning the masses that globalized digital IDs are on the way and will impact the whole world.

Hohmann published the article on his personal website, warning his readers against “nations, states, corporations, or groups” who offer benefits requiring a digital ID. He called such an agreement a “covenant with death.”

According to Hohmann, Kazakhstan recently partnered with the Development Programme of the United Nations to roll out a digital ID which will be tied to social welfare under a “Digital Family Card.” He said this is only “one example of how the digital ID” will enter our lives, “regardless of where” anyone lives.

Hohmann said the introduction of a digital ID in society will come in different forms that are “tailored to different types of people in the social strata.” He said the version being proposed in Kazakhstan is designed to “appeal to the poor” and those “dependent” on the state for subsidies, which ranges from “single mothers” on food stamps or welfare, or seniors who depend “on their Social Security check” and healthcare subsidized by the government.

Hohmann believes “the end result” is “a massive government spy network,” one that can reach down to the level of the household “of each family” who signs up. He called the program “Orwell’s 1984 on steroids,” warning that it’s coming to all cities, states, and countries and that people should begin “making plans and preparations” about how to remain “outside” of the new system.

The “Digital Family Card” was originally introduced last year. The United Nations unveiled the plan last week at the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, which took place in New York City. Hohmann said this indicates that their “model program” is “designed to be rolled out” in all countries eventually.

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