Lawmakers Ask Biden to End Aid to Ukraine

Lawmakers Ask Biden to End Aid to Ukraine

( – On Thursday, April 19, Ukraine received a shipment of the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system or SAM. The shipment is the 36th military aid package delivered to Ukraine so far. The U.S. has spent around $35 billion in aid packages since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The next day nineteen Senate and House Republican lawmakers sent a letter to President Biden seeking to end the administration delivering U.S. aid to Ukraine as unrest continues to build between the U.S. and Russia.

The letter points to the lack of a clear path to a resolution (or strategy to create one) and highlights the sanctions and aid strategies that merely serve to “prolong the conflict” without ending the war.

Initially obtained by the Daily Caller, the letter outlines the lawmakers’ concerns.

“We write to express concern regarding the U.S. response to Ukraine. Over a year ago, Russia launched an invasion that has upended decades of peace in Europe. We are deeply concerned that the trajectory of U.S. aid to the Ukrainian war effort threatens further escalation and lacks much-needed strategic clarity,” the letter states.

The main sentiment of the letter illuminates the lawmaker’s stance regarding support of a potentially endless war and “makes it increasingly difficult” to refute claims that it is a proxy war between the US and Russia. It also points to evidence that the strategy backed by the Biden administration has brought Russia and China closer together, posing an outsized risk to our nation.

“With every new aid package and every new weapon provided to Ukraine, the risk of direct conflict with Russia climbs.” the letter reads.

Representatives Lauren Boebert (R CO), and Matt Gaetz (R. FL), along with Senators Rand Paul (R KY) and JD Vance (R. OH), signed the letter with fifteen other members of the Senate and House.

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