Kid Rock Interview Reportedly Tied to Trump Indictment Details

( – Former President Donald Trump has been federally indicted on thirty-seven felony counts which mostly relate to alleged mishandling of various records and documents. The forty-four-page indictment – which has been unsealed and is available to read online – has been the source of much debate and speculation on both sides of the political aisle.

One element which has grabbed many readers’ attention is the reference to an incident at The Bedminster Club in August or September of 2021, in which Donald Trump is alleged to have shown a classified map to an individual on his political action committee who did not have the relevant clearance.

Some people have linked this alleged incident to a long-time supporter of President Trump, rock star Kid Rock. The WWE Hall of Famer, best known for his smash hit, “Sweet Home Alabama”, had a lively interview with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson in 2022, in which he shared an anecdote now being tied by some to the Bedminster Club story.

According to Kid Rock, Mr. Trump showed him maps and asked for his views on North Korea, despite Kid Rock expressing doubt about his own suitability to provide a qualified opinion on the subject. It is not clear from this interview how serious the former president was in his request for the rock star’s insight, or whether he was simply joking around with a celebrity guest at The White House.

While some have presented this interview as being damning evidence pertinent to the indictment, others have dismissed it as being deeply unlikely to relate to The Bedminster Club episode, and much more likely to tell an account from the time of Mr. Trump’s presidency, and not from August or September of 2021.

While the outcome of Mr. Trump’s second indictment remains to be seen, he continues to receive much support from members of the Republican party, including Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and outsider Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who went as far as promising to pardon Donald Trump of any charges, should Ramaswamy win the next Presidential election.

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