Kate Middleton’s Cancer Diagnosis Means Prince Steps Up

(VitalNews.org) – The British monarchy has been turned upside down as Kate Middleton has recently announced her cancer diagnosis.

Prince Williams is expected to step up as the future of the monarchy sits on his shoulders amid health concerns with his wife, Middleton, and also his father. Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, put out a video that explained her diagnosis and the treatment plans. There was speculation for months after she was seen going through an abdominal surgery, which she revealed in her video as the surgery that allowed them to find the cancer in the first place.

“Having lost his mother, Princess Diana, at such a young age and in such a public way, it all seems so tragic and terribly unfair,” said Christopher Andersen, who authored The King. “But if anyone personifies the royal stiff upper lip approach, it’s Kate and William. They have to remain strong and upbeat for their children.”

This has been yet another blow to the royal family as it was just announced last month that Williams’ father, King Charles III, was diagnosed with cancer as well, but it’s not been disclosed what kind.

Royal expert, Ian Pelham Turner, said “I do not know how William can cope with fulfilling his duties and look after his family at the same time.”

With this all said, there also has been a concerning report that implies that an investigation is going on because a member of staff from the London Clinic tried to look at confidential medical records from the royal family.

Many are looking at Prince William as he now has the royal family in his hands and many are wondering how he’s going to be there for his family and his duties as Prince.

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