Kari Lakes Warns Americans about Government

(VitalNews.org) – Arizona Republican Senate hopeful Kari Lake said on her Twitter account on December 14 that no one can feel safe from the “tyrannical” government while discussing some cases that involved herself and some other GOP figures. She made the claim while sharing a post from The Blaze journalist Steve Baker, who recently said that the US Department of Justice is charging him because of his report on the January 6, 2021, Capitol Riots. Baker didn’t specify which charges have been brought against him.

Lake also referred to the way her lawyers, who are working on her election fraud lawsuits which were dismissed by different courts due to lack of evidence, could be disciplined over the legal arguments. She tweeted that “they are coming” after her attorneys for being courageous enough to represent “We the People” in different election challenges. The Arizona Republican added that the “politicized Bar Association” is even making efforts to annulate their licenses and is also suing her for speaking out about maladministration and election fraud.

Lake also claimed that what the Department of Justice is doing with former President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is political persecution. She also noted, without citing any evidence, that the DOJ is imprisoning journalists. The Arizona Republican Senate hopeful added that anyone could be next because the United States is currently ruled by tyranny.

According to different reports, the Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee approved the State Bar of Arizona’s disciplinary actions against Lake’s attorneys Kurt Olsen, Bryan Blehm, and Andrew Parker. They represented the conservative leader in her lawsuits that tried to throw out the 2022 gubernatorial election results.

Blehm and Olsen were already sanctioned by Arizona’s Supreme Court for falsely claiming that 35,000 ballots were inserted unlawfully into batches of legal ballots in the state’s Maricopa County, as the votes of the election were going to be counted. The committee ruled there was “probable cause” to formally take action against both of them because of their false claims.

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