Joy Behar Says Clarence Thomas And Tim Scott Don’t Understand Race

( – The talk show host Joy Behar of The View has no compunctions about telling black people what they ought to think about racism and how they ought to vote, and some black politicians are responding in kind.

Behar, who is white and a liberal Democrat, said on May 23rd that Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was “one of those guys, like Clarence Thomas” who believes in what she calls “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” But Scott (who is black) doesn’t understand the “systemic racism” that holds blacks and other minorities back.

That’s why these black politicians are Republicans, Behar said.

Clarence Thomas is a long-serving conservative black Supreme Court Justice. Liberal Democrats frequently target him with accusations of not “really being black” because of his conservative views.

South Carolina’s Tim Scott responded to Behar by saying he is the candidate that the “radical left” most fears. Liberals don’t know what to do with black conservatives who believe in American ideals and in the future of the U.S., he said.

Behar also targeted black Florida Republican House Representative Byron Donalds in her remarks. Charging the talk show host with hypocrisy, he mentioned a photograph of Behar dressed as a black woman for Halloween in a picture that came to light in 2019. The costume did not make Behar “magically” black or an expert on what life is like for black people, said Donalds.

“From one black person to another white liberal . . . sit this one out,” Donalds wrote to Behar.

Other media figures joined in on the dispute. CNN’s Scott Jennings, who is white, sarcastically wrote on Twitter that black politicians shouldn’t think for themselves or “this wealthy white lady will come for you.”

Behar wasn’t the only voice on The View’s panel with criticism of Tim Scott. Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, two of the co-hosts, agreed with her. Goldberg claimed that Scott believed that since he made a success of his life, others could, too. But he is an exception, Goldberg said.

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