Jill Biden Says Joe is Going To Run

Jill Biden Says Joe is Going To Run

(VitalNews.org) – President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, appears to be announcing that her husband will announce that he intends to run for President again in 2024.

In what seems to be a pre-announcement announcement, Jill Biden told Associated Press reporters on February 24 that Joe Biden was “pretty much” ready to tell the nation he wants to be President again.

Jill Biden, who insists on being addressed as “Dr.” (even though she is not a physician), spoke with the press on a trip to Nairobi on Friday. “He says he’s not done,” Mrs. Biden said, telling reporters that her husband wants to “finish what he started.”

The day before, President Biden addressed a partisan gathering of Democrats and dropped numerous transparent hints that he intends to seek the presidency in 2024, but without saying it outright.

Both the Bidens appear to be banking on small “pre-announcements” to make the President’s eventual announcement seem momentous rather than expected.

The President has transparently hinted for months that he plans to seek a second term. While this does not surprise most observers, it does not sit comfortably with the President’s plunging approval ratings.

Though Democrats tend to be offended when it is suggested, Biden is widely suspected to be progressing through senile dementia. Supporters tsk-tsk such talk or attempt to deflect notice of the President’s verbal fumbles by referencing a “stutter” that has not been in evidence in Joe Biden’s long public career.

Both politicos and ordinary citizens can see the President falling up stairs repeatedly when trying to board aircraft. Often, Joe Biden appears to have forgotten what room he is in, turning first to the left and to the right when exiting a podium.

Viewers have noticed Biden’s anger and occasional yelling in at least two recent primetime speeches. It strikes many as unusual and out of step with how American presidents have traditionally comported themselves in public.

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