Ivy League School Adds AI Major to Their Options

(VitalNews.org) – With artificial intelligence on the rise and many investing and looking into its capabilities, it was no surprise to hear that an Ivy League university added majoring in AI to their school.

At Penn State University they have just announced that they’re going to add another major to their school and it will be called the Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence. The program is expected to launch in time for the fall 2024 semester.

Majoring in artificial intelligence is expected to have a high payout for graduates who are looking to take on that field. With AI on the rise and experts seeing the potential in it as a technology, career, and business, we have seen multiple schools add a major or program that revolves around AI.

At the moment, other schools that offer an AI course or program include Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science and Purdue’s College of Science. Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer AI programming and courses as well.

George Pappas, Director of the AI program, said “Launching a dedicated program in AI reflects our commitment to preparing students to be leaders in 21st century engineering. This dedicated AI program will accelerate students to become AI leaders as quickly as possible in order to address societal challenges as soon as possible.”

According to Penn’s website, the program will have 5 different “concentrations”, which will allow students to choose a specific area of AI to focus on. The 5 “concentrations” include robotics, vision/language, machine learning, data/society, and health/systems.

With the implementation of these programs, leaders in technology and political leaders have spoken out saying that these programs must be taught ethically, as AI has gained popularity for the wrong reasons such as with deepfakes and misinformation.

Penn State also said that it would be trying to implement AI into many of its other programs as they feel that AI will have a broad impact and reach, making it more accessible to other students.

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