Israeli Prime Minister Rejects U.S. President’s Statement

( – Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has pushed back after Joe Biden gave his opinion on the current war in Gaza and how it affects Israeli people.

Joe Biden, the United States president, and Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, traded disagreements in separate interviews where they were questioned regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict. Joe Biden warned Netanyahu to “pay more attention to the innocent lives being lost” and that his approach to the war was damaging Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu then sat down for an interview with Politico where he spoke out against what Joe Biden said.

He said that if Biden meant he was “pursuing private policies against … the wish of the majority of Israelis, and that this is hurting the interests of Israel, then he’s wrong on both counts”.

Joe Biden has backed the war between Israel-Gaza but has become frustrated with the plans that Netanyahu has for the future of the conflict. Biden has been adamant in saying that an attack on Rafah would be a “red line” for the United States. Rafah is currently holding millions of Palestinians and civilians who were pushed out of the country because of the war.

“It is a red line but I’m never going to leave Israel. The defense of Israel is still critical. So there’s no red line in which I’m going to cut off all weapons so they don’t have the Iron Dome to protect them,” Biden said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke out saying that Joe Biden is wrong and that his people do support him. “These are not my policies only. They are policies supported by the overwhelming majority of Israelis,” he said. He continued to say that people do agree with him that Hamas, the Iran-backed terror group, is a threat. “They understand that, and even agree with it quietly,” he said. “They understand Hamas is part of the Iranian terror axis.”

Netanyahu’s interview with Politico was also right after Biden’s State of the Union address where he spoke on the 30,000 deceased civilian Palestinians.

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