Israel Launches Strikes Into Gaza Despite Criticism

( – Israeli forces have continued their violence by sending more strikes into Gaza on Friday, despite United States President Joe Biden’s criticism. Just hours before the attack on Gaza, Biden was speaking out on the Israeli response to the October 7 attack saying that it was “over the top.”

A ceasefire has been discussed but there has been no agreement on either side that allows for them to settle on ceasefire conditions. Israel has threatened a ground assault in Rafah, which is a city that is holding 2.3 million people sheltering near Egypt. The United States has said that they are hoping to get an agreement for a ceasefire before this attack takes place.

The latest strike on Gaza was said to have killed multiple people including children as one of the air strikes hit a house in a nearby area. Salem El-Rayyes, who is a Palestine journalist living at a camp for displaced Palestinians, wrote on Facebook describing the events saying “They were asleep in the early hours of Friday around dawn. The explosion rocked the ground under our feet and the sound still echoes in our ears.” He also said that the bodies of victims “flew from the third floor before they fell on the ground outside the building on the cars inside the narrow alley.”

Israel didn’t comment directly on the recent strikes only saying that their goal was to protect civilians, but they claim that Hamas terrorists have been hiding in areas with civilians such as in school shelters or hospitals. Hamas denies this claim and says they are not hiding among them.

The United States is one of Israel’s most important allies and although the United States does back Israel’s attempts, they have stated that they should scale down the violence and focus their attacks solely on Hamas leaders instead.

President Biden said, “I’m pushing very hard now to deal with this hostage ceasefire. There are a lot of innocent people who are starving, a lot of innocent people who are in trouble and dying, and it’s gotta stop.”

Gaza’s health ministry reported that there have been almost 28,000 Palestinians killed in the conflict, with more probably buried under rubble from the attacks. There have also been 67,000 injured as well during the conflicts.

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