IRS Drops Hunter Biden Investigation Without Explanation

( – One should always start with the principle that the subject of an investigation is innocent until proven guilty, but in order to maintain public trust in the justice system, there is an expectation that investigations should be conducted fairly, impartially, and without bias – and certainly without the levels of political interference that we have seen in recent months.

The latest news concerning Hunter Biden comes hot on the heels of the release of the Durham report, in which Special Counsel John Durham spelled out in great detail, with the assistance of irrefutable documentation, the extent of the shady dealings that have been the hallmark of the Biden administration in general, and the Biden family in particular. 

The extent of the revelations is so vast, and the network of companies that have been set up to disguise the nature of the criminal activity are so far-reaching and intertwined, that the suspects in the case have become publicly referred to as “the Biden crime family”.

Now, a whistle-blower has come forward to say that he and his entire team of investigators looking into the tax affairs of Hunter Biden – the 53-year-old son of the president who is alleged to be the beneficiary of millions of dollars in nefarious payments from foreign companies – has been fired by the IRS due to levels of political interference which have been described as “unprecedented”.

The removal of a team of experienced investigators who have been working on the case for several years and who could be considered experts on the subject matter is precisely the kind of political interference that the Whistle-blower Protection Act was designed to address. The whistle-blower had previously raised concerns with the Department of Justice.

Despite assurances that there would be no retaliation against the whistle-blower, the request for the removal of the entire team from the IRS investigation was allegedly made by none other than – the Department of Justice. 

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