Iran Reports Bombings Near Gravesite Of Iranian General

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( – Iran has reported multiple explosions near the gravesite of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. This explosion took place during a ceremony honoring his death as it’s been four years since he was killed in a US-ordered drone attack in 2020 when President Trump was in office.

Iranian media quickly took this story and blasted it out describing the events that happened. The blast killed at least 103 people and wounded about 142 more people in Kerman, Iran. Iranian media tossed the story to the news and is searching for answers on who may be behind the attack.

“Several gas canisters exploded on the road leading to the cemetery,” media reports said. They continued by saying that these attacks were terrorist attacks.

The alleged terrorist attack has emerged during a period of contention between Iran and the U.S. and Israel. Tensions have been rising due to the Israel-Hamas attacks and because Iran has been accused of attacking US Bases in both Iraq and Syria. This brings a lot of speculation and concern about who is to blame, from Iran’s perspective.

Israel is the top suspect in this alleged attack, especially after hearing a confirmation from the media on Tuesday that a senior Hamas leader was killed in a drone attack. Israel has not confirmed that they are responsible for the attack, however, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that it is of a “surgical nature.”

Netanyahu’s advisor, Ambassador Mark Regev, spoke out about the attack and who he believes might be behind it.

He said that the attack was “not even an attack on Hezbollah terrorist organization. Whoever did this did a surgical strike against the Hamas leadership.” He continued, “It must be clear that this was not an attack on the Lebanese state.”

The Prime Minister hints at the fact that this attack was directed at Hamas only and that it was not specifically towards a state or area, but rather directed towards the General’s ceremony and gravesite.

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