Iran Appears to Be Enabling Houthi Attacks

( – The USS Carney, a US destroyer, has reported several ballistic missiles as having been launched by Houthi militants at internationally owned ships in the Red Sea. US Central Command (Centcom), said that the destroyer had also shot down two drones, one of which was travelling towards the Carney itself.

In a statement made on Sunday, December 3, Centcom – a part of the US military which has oversight into US military operations in the Middle East – said that the attacks may have been launched by the Yemeni Houthi, but they were enabled by Iran.

While there were no casualties as a result of the Houthi assault, two of the targeted ships were struck by the missiles. A Houthi spokesman claimed that the Iranian-backed Islamist group, which has controlled parts of Yemen since it successfully ousted the Yemeni government in 2014, had managed to fire at two Israeli ships. Israel says that none of the ships involved had links to the country. Instead, the targeted ships have links to a total of 14 different countries, including the UK and US, but according to the White House it is unlikely that any had links to Israel.

The US Secretary of Defense, Jake Sullivan, made it clear in his briefing that whichever country a ship belonged to, the Houthis have no right under international law to launch unprovoked attacks at sea. He described their behavior as “reckless” and spoke of the US working with other countries to conduct a “comprehensive response”.

This response could include taking the precaution of escorting any commercial ships travelling through that section of the Red Sea with what Sullivan referred to as a “maritime task force”. This task force could be made up of crews from multiple countries, and indeed, the White House made it clear that this would be preferable as Sullivan stated that the Houthi aggression was a problem for the entire world. He went on to say that although many countries would be affected, the blame lay squarely with the Yemeni Houthi group and the Iranian regime backing them.

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