Iran Allegedly Played a Huge Role in the Hamas Attack on Israel

( – The recent attacks by Hamas on civilians and soldiers in Israel have prompted much speculation, including suggestions that Hamas could not have had the capability to launch such catastrophic assaults without outside help. The theory that the Iranian regime had a hand in the kidnapping and slaughter of innocent men, women and children appears now to be supported by senior officials from Hamas and Hezbollah. According to those senior figures of the militant groups, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been working closely with Hamas since the summer to orchestrate the attacks on Israel which saw militants striking from the air, land and sea.

These shocking attacks managed to overwhelm Israeli defensive forces and claimed the lives of 900 people, including civilians and well as members of the armed forces. Iranian authorities have voiced their public support of the attacks, framing the mass slaughter as a “fiercely autonomous” act in line with the “legitimate interests of the Palestinian people”. Despite this high praise, they have denied any direct involvement in the planning and execution of the operation.

Israel has declared a state of war, marking the first time it has done so since the 1973 Yom Kippur war. So far at least 350 Palestinians have been killed after Israeli forces began retaliatory efforts that include bombing the Gaza strip. Israeli officials are reported to have carried out hostage recovery efforts, after stories have emerged of civilians being kidnapped en masse by Hamas militants.

After paragliding into a music festival close to the Gaza border on Saturday October 7, Hamas attackers opened fire on shocked festival goers, killing many and kidnapping others. This is far from the only kidnapping to have been carried out by Hamas on Israeli soil, with reports made of many other victims, including children. Israeli forces have confirmed that they have managed to rescue several kidnapping victims thus far, including up to 50 people who were held hostage in a dining room in Kibbutz Be’ri for 18 hours.

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