Intense Earthquakes in Japan Are a Cause For Concern?

( – This week a group of serious and powerful earthquakes rattled Japan and left at least 62 people dead. Rescue workers worked tirelessly on Wednesday to save as many people from the rubble as they could, but there are concerns they won’t be able to save everyone.

Aftershocks of these earthquakes continued in Ishikawa and surrounding areas even two days after the original 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck.

Many residents were worried about their safety as they dealt with power, water, and internet outages in surrounding areas and as rescue workers tried to get everyone to safety. Authorities said 62 people died and dozens of people were injured, not including those not found under rubble yet.

Many residents spoke about the scary scenes of rubble, fallen homes, and seeing their houses destroyed by earthquakes. Miki Kobayashi, an Ishikawa resident said, “It’s not just that it’s a mess. The wall has collapsed, and you can see through to the next room. I don’t think we can live here anymore,” as she cleaned her home after the earthquakes.

Japan is well known for having earthquakes and therefore is very prepared for them, however, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a tragedy. Japan dispatched 1,000 military soldiers to help in the cities that were impacted the most. Authorities were concerned and worried as they were unsure of how many people might be stuck under debris and rubble, so they dispatched all hands on deck to come help the rescue teams.

There were also tsunami and landslide warnings throughout Japan after the earthquakes hit. Aerial footage showed the hardest hit places, revealing damage, rubble, landslides blocking roads, boats sitting out and around, and burnt cities after fires broke out.

As Japan still recovers from this chain of earthquakes, they are staying prepared for tsunamis and other natural disasters while combating the weather as they clean up their cities.

Other leaders such as Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese showed support to Japan during this tragedy. He said, “We will provide, and have offered, whatever support is requested by our friends in Japan.”

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