Infant Mortality Increases After Full Abortion Ban is Put in Place

( – According to a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics, Texas has seen an increase in infant mortality since the state put a full ban on abortion in 2021. From year to year, after the ban was put in place, Texas saw almost a thirteen percent increase in infant mortality, which was a total of over two thousand and two hundred infant deaths.

Dr. Richard Ivey, a practicing OB/GYN in Houston said that this study “basically confirms what we’ve suspected for a long time.” Ivey continued, “We knew that infant mortality would go up, particularly with congenital anomalies.”

The Texas Heartbeat Act, which is the full abortion ban in Texas, was implemented at the end of 2021. For Texas, the total number of deaths from birth defects rose by almost twenty-three percent, while the total amount of deaths from birth defects decreased by three percent in other states.

Dr. Suzanne Bell, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the co-lead on the study, said, “This is really an atypical trend specifically in Texas.” She continued to say that the pandemic had nothing to do with this because Texas’ numbers were too far off from every other state’s for COVID to have caused it.

Information from the CDC showed that the increase in infant mortality continued to rise into the last year as well, and Dr. Bell said that she will continue her research into the effects.

Said Dr. Ivey, “Women don’t talk about their miscarriages.” says Dr. Ivey. “Women don’t talk about chromosome abnormalities in their children. Women don’t talk about birth defects. So, the general public often doesn’t understand the consequences of abortion bans.”

He continued to say that the Texas House Bill 3058 could potentially help the issue as this would protect pregnant women who are seeking abortions for non-viable or deadly pregnancies.

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